Ph. D. in Biological Engineering, 2014
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA

B. S. in Biochemistry and B. A. in Economics, 2008
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH
Minor in Chemistry; graduated summa cum laude with 4.0 GPA

Ayersville High School, Defiance OH
Graduated valedictorian with 4.0 GPA


Career History

Principal Software Engineer, Applied BioMath, June 2017-present
Associate Principal Scientist, Merck, May 2017-June 2017
Senior Scientist, Merck, July 2014-May 2017
Graduate Researcher, Bruce Tidor lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009-2014
Teaching Assistant, Biological Engineering Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009
Undergraduate Researcher, Richard W Hanson lab, Case Western Reserve University, 2005-2008


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